Skoči na glavno vsebino

On Monday, 22 January 2018, 9th class students went to the theatre in Tolmin. We watched a theatre performance Romeo and Juliet, which was performed by The American Drama Group Europe. This theatre group comes to Tolmin every year. They perform for the students of the last class of primary school and for secondary school students in Tolmin. The actors come from New York, London and Paris. They travel across Europe and perform in many towns in many different countries. In Slovenia they perform only in Tolmin, so we can be grateful for their visit.

The play was a love story about Romeo and Juliet. Their families were angry with each other. Romeo and Julier got married secretly. The next day Romeo had to leave the town because he killed Juliet’s cousin. Juliet drank poison, which made her look like a dead person for 42 hours. Padre Lorenzo wrote a letter to Romeo, but he didn’t get it. Romeo found Juliet and drank the deadly poison. She woke up and saw dead Romeo. Juliet stabbed herself and died next to Romeo. The story of Romeo and Juliet has a tragic ending.

We read this story last year, so it was good to see what the play looks like. It wasn’t hard to understand the play because the actors played so well and they had beautiful costumes, which made the play more interesting. I really liked the scene because they set a room, a balcony, a house – everything they needed – in a short time.

The actors were so realistic. I really liked them because they made the play seem  like it was happening in real life, not in the theatre. They were singing and trying to entertain the audience. It was good that they added music, which made the performance more interesting.

I think that everything was perfect. I really liked the play and I wouldn’t change anything. After watching this theatre group I want to see other plays of this and other theatre groups. They acted so well that I’m thinking about joining the school theatre group next year.

Napisala Meta Poljanec, 9.a